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The Taxation of Sole Proprietors, 1997 edition, by James A. Fellows, PhD, CPA. (Click here to view the first two chapters.)
Excellent unified treatment for sole proprietors, individual practitioners, and independent contractors. Tax issues normally found scattered throughout the tax code are clearly organized and discussed in a conceptual fashion rather than as a collection of arcane rules. Includes numerous examples that clearly illustrate important issues. An appendix includes all relevant tax forms. An thorough index makes this book a valuable reference. Essential for all business persons who want to understand the rules and strategies that minimize the tax burden of their unincorporated businesses. Paper, ISBN 1-881934-18-7, 260 pages, $28.

The MBA Guidebook, 1997 Edition, by Martin Schatz, PhD.
Printed version of the Official MBA Guide including a discussion on the nature of MBA programs and the characteristics that prospective students should understand before they apply. Insightful advice on the criteria that prospective students should examine and evaluate. Includes important data on all AACSB-accredited MBA programs plus selected non-accredited programs. Also includes rankings of schools that best meet 17 independent criteria, such as GMAT scores, starting salaries of graduates, placement record, class size, computer use, and facilities. Paper, ISBN 1-991934-15-12, 3__ pages, $79. Applicants to MBA programs, save $50. Special price for MBA applicants until April 30, 1997, $29 plus $4 shipping and handling, if ordered directly from us.

Accounting books by Serge Matulich, PhD, CPA:
Financial Accounting
Comprehensive introductory text intended for the first college course in financial accounting. Complete package of teaching aids available to adopters, including test bank, instructors manual, solutions manual, merchandising practice set. ISBN 1-881934-14-4, 890 pages, $62.

Financial Accounting Study Guide
Coordinated carefully with above text, but may be used with other books to ease the comprehension of financial accounting concepts. Guides students through the learning process using proven techniques of reinforcement, recognition, recall, practical application, and comprehension. Includes carefully designed self-tests, with solutions. Paper, ISBN 1-881934-13-6, 266 pages, $19.

Merchandising Practice Set
For use as a supplement in financial accounting courses. Covers one month of operations of an auto supply wholesaler. Provides excellent insight into operation of the accounting system without onerous and repetitive details. Includes all accounting forms. Can be used with QuickBooks. Paper, ISBN 1-881934-12-8, 36 pages, $11.

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