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Flattery from JACOsub Users

I am proud of the fact that so many people and organizations have liked JACOsub enough to tell me so. I want to thank everybody who has sent me compliments over the years. Below is a sampling.

"I use it for fansubbing anime and it's absolutely the best program available."
A. Abadia, Terrapin Anime Society, Bowie, MD (8/94)
"Thanks for such a good program."
S. Bland, London, U.K. (3/96)
"Thanks for a great program."
K. Cho, Elmhurst, IL (6/96)
"I think this is the best titling program on any platform, by far (although I would like to try an MS-DOS version someday). This program is the only reason I am still an Amiga user."
D. DeVera, Suisun City, CA (4/99)
"I am new to using both an Amiga and to doing subtitling, but I have found JACOsub to be quite easy to use. Thank you for writing and supporting such a high quality subtitling program as JACOsub."
D. Eckhart, Raleigh, NC, NCSU Japanese Animation Club (4/94)
"JACOsub is a wonderful program. Thanks for writing it."
K. Flowers, U.S. Army (12/93)
"Nice work!"
R. Green, Pearl City, HI (10/95)
"JACOsub is fantastic! ...all the features I needed plus more that I hadn't thought about but now wouldn't give up for anything!"
M. Grusin, Boulder, CO (11/94)
"I think this program is great! It's one of the reasons I still hang onto the Amiga. Thanks for the great work!"
E. Han, Okayama-ken, Japan (2/97)
"Best subtitler software I could get on the market."
Y. Kurniawan, Corvallis, OR (7/95)
"I'm glad there is someone like you making such a seemingly nice product."
K. Lau, San Francisco, CA (8/95)
"I'm very satisfied with the results I've gotten so far. It seems only fair to pay for it under the circumstances."
J. Marchi, Quebec, Canada (12/96)
"Great job!"
B. McBee, Deer Park, TX (4/96)
"Excellent software." [and other frequent letters too numerous to mention - Thanks!]
S. McCloy, Oklahoma City, OK
"I congratualte you on one of the finest subtitling programs available today."
B. Mullins, San Antonio, TX (4/95)
"It's a nice piece of software. In fact I bought the Amiga equipment only to use this program, as it was cheaper going this route than buying equipment to make my PC capable of generating titles."
P. Plank, Japan, Illudium Design (7/97)
"Found your JACOsub program the other day and tried it out. Pretty decent. Good enough for me to register, in fact."
R. Rooney, Philadelphia, PA (4/96)
"This program is a god send. Over the past few years I have enjoyed many subtitled productions created using your software. Now that I have access to an Amiga + genlock I can also partake in the fun. Thanx."
C. Sutton, Virginia Beach, VA (10/96)
"JACOsub is fantastic!"
T. Tai, Emeryville, CA, Anime Densetsu no Kaitakusha (7/96)
"Everything I've seen of the program so far makes it look like a winner."
D. Weaver, Cincinnati, OH, Anime-UC / Anime-Cincinnati (6/94)
"I watched the demo script, and I was immediately hooked."
S. Yaguma, Garden Grove, CA (12/93)
"It doesn't suck."

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