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ProSizer doesn't do everything, but based on the competition out there, ProSizer is great value for the money. Some software packages do more, some do less. Some have more bells and whistles, some have less. Buy ProSizer if it fits your needs; buy something else if it fits your needs better. Below is a list of the known competition.

TradeSim ($95) - This is an excellent web site that clearly explains the concepts of simulation, risk strategies, Optimal-f, randomness, Martingale systems, and trading.

TradeSim Professional Enterprise Edition ($1200) - (unrelated to TradeSim above) - a sophisticated program for MetaStock that can handle whole porfolios rather than one stream of positions on one issue.

Portfiolio MCS ($295 - $595) - This software also does Monte Carlo analysis on portfolios.

Adaptrade Market System Analyzer ($349) - Stand-alone Windows application that analyzes sequences of trades. Seems well put together, and can analyze portfolios. Free demo download.

BreakoutFutures.com ($79) - MonteCarlo functions in EasyLanguage for TradeStation, as described in Stocks and Commodities magazine.

Survival Simulator ($25) - A sophisticated Excel application that does all sorts of statistical analyses of a portfolio and its chances of survival, using Monte Carlo and other techniques. However, it just presents what is, and does not let you optimize a position sizing strategy.

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